Friday, June 26, 2009

Looking Out The Window

A friend of mine told me the other day that no one likes pictures of overpasses. they're not like pictures of train tracks or bridges. but the point for me is that i like overpasses. Since i started shooting while driving i have become more aware of the life that is framed through the glass that keeps us safely inside while looking out. Shooting from my car has made me come to appreciate so much that used to seem mundane. whether it's the smooth, sweet curve of the overpass or the bright red of the traffic lights against the fog-filled sky. even the tar of the roads seems so much more. and after months and months of shooting from my car, i've come to realize that i can feel the same way shooting through other windows.

Flying takes on a whole new meaning when i have my camera pointing out the window--shooting. sure, watching the wings vibrate when we hit some turbulence or realizing that i'm facing straight down as the plane turns to approach the runway doesn't help my flying apprehension at all, but have you ever noticed how beautiful the clouds are or how bright the orange is on the southwest planes?
i got lost on BART the other day. i jumped on the wrong train and had my iPod blasting and was emailing on my blackberry and didn't notice where i was until about an hour into my trip i looked up and realized i was not on the right line. so i got on the right train and looked out the window so i wouldn't miss my transfer spot. and looking through the window i wished i had my camera. what great views--the backside of the coliseum, the chain-link fences, the old buildings and the overpasses--they were beautiful and so close. it just made me want to get back on BART with my camera and get lost, but this time to be able to see everything through the lens of my camera.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lost Again in Santa Monica, Hollywood and LA

I love being down in Venice and santa monica. close enough to the beach to hear the waves and smell the salt air. which is great, because rarely do i have the time to actually take a stroll on the sand. i leave in the morning usually headed east into hollywood or la. i've been down there enough over the past 6 months that i kind of know where i'm going. unfortunately for me, a little knowledge is dangerous...

anyone who knows me knows i have a tendency to run late. the problem is extremely exaggerated in la, because i think i know where i'm going and i think i understand the traffic, but i don't, on either account. but getting lost gives me plenty of time to take pictures. and this trip i had a sun roof! shooting out of the top of my car!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recording Industry Poker Tournament!!

Come join host Dave Reitzas as 120 of the industry's top producers, engineers, musicians and manufacturers come together for an afternoon of fun, luck, and skill for the first-ever L.A. Recording Industry No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Charity Poker Tournament at the World Famous Village Recording Studios.

Players of all skill levels are invited to register for the tournament and will be competing for an amazing assortment of recording-related prizes being donated by some of the best companies in the industry. Don't think that you have to be an expert to come play. It's basically an afternoon where people from our industry will be able to hang out, have a friendly competition and compete for cool prizes. Plus, you'll have the nice feeling that your buy-in will be going to a good cause.

Proceeds raised will benefit Sound Art L.A. (http: // Sound Art provides a musicaloutlet for children desperate for self-expression. They engage children of all ages in music education giving them access to the tools of popular music and the guidance of professional musicians as instructors. With Sound Art, students awaken creativity, discover their voices and experience success. To register, go to

Friday, June 12, 2009

Venice Sunset

Granted--i love shooting while driving, but my first love has always been the beach (in or out of a car). One thing that as happened as a result of me having my own business is that i've been traveling a lot more, with lots of trips to LA. These shots were taken in February at Venice Beach. I just happened to get back from my meetings as the sun was setting. And even though i usually just DRIVE by the beach when i'm in town, this time i parked my car and ran down to the beach, camera in hand.

Monday, June 8, 2009

audio masters in nashville

what a fun, fun tournament. two days of madness and moonshine. nicole cochran (tournament director) was happy to let me drive. her friend spoon was not so happy when i was driving and talking on my blackberry. i didn't bring out my camera though...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

driving lost in san francisco

a friend of mine asked me how i could get lost in san francisco. sure, i've lived in the bay area for a long time, and yes, i actually lived in san francisco for a couple of years. but the one thing i've become pretty certain of the more time i spend in the car is that i'm capable of getting lost anywhere. it's really no problem for me...

no, i don't have a gps system. i sometimes print out mapquest and try to read that while i'm driving and holding my camera and checking my blackberry (not too convenient). i have navigator on my phone, but it continues to take me to the wrong address. but the bottom line is--i'm going to figure out where i'm going all by myself. it may take longer, but i'll get there...eventually...but being lost always offers more opportunities to take photos!

there is the stress factor though. i was supposed to meet a friend of mine for lunch in los angeles in a part of town i had never been in. he's very punctual. as you can imagine--i'm not. and then, of course, i was running late, and freaking out. so i had my mapquest on the seat next to me and my navigator set on my phone. i only missed the restaurant once. drove right by it. but i was on time (who knew...). i guess the odds were on my side

Friday, June 5, 2009

Driving Under Overpasses

I never really thought about form and function much when i was in the car, but then when i started driving with my camera, the everyday started to change. And what had seemed normal, now seemed fascinating when looking through my viewfinder. overpasses? i've never thought about them. but suddenly, i find them fascinating! the curves, the flow, the height. i think they're beautiful!

so now, whether i'm in los angeles, nashville or san francisco, i eagerly anticipate the shots i can get as i drive down the freeways in whatever town i'm in. and if there's traffic--that's even better--as long as i get stuck with an unobstructed view of that amazing piece on concrete!

okay, i know this isn't an overpass, but i love it. it's part of the richmond bridge...

Zach's Bar Mitzvah

This was fun! Saturday Zach was bar mitzvahed in san francisco. zach had a lot of family present so we were able to get lots of fun photos on the median strip outside the temple. fun day and very nice people.