Friday, May 29, 2009

Driving Lost in Nashville

I've never been to Nashville. In fact, I've never been anywhere in the south. I was convinced that Tennessee was in the Midwest (native californian that i am), but i was told in no uncertain terms that it's the south. so i was totally confused when i found out that it's in the central time zone...

i went back to check out another audio industry golf tournament that i had heard about for years. Audio Masters. It was a fun two days and i was able to meet and hang out with an amazing woman--nicole cochran, tournament director for the event.

nashville is a very cool place. the people are really nice. everything is lush and green. the music is amazing. i even had some great sushi. but the humidity was killing me.

luckily diet coke and mcdonalds were right down the street from my hotel!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

TEC LA Open Golf Tournament

My first event as my new company--the 14th Annaul TEC LA Open, held May 11, at the Malibu Country Club. The weather was perfect. The golfers were happy. A good time was had by all!!

KMD Productions was the tequila cart sponsor, so I had custom shot glasses made and we made toasts throughout the day!!

Paula Salvatore (l, studio manager at capital studios) and elizabeth grousse, owner of sugar mama's cupcakes (and official cupcake sponsor of the tournament). Sweet treats!!

My next event is a charity poker tournament in Los Angeles on July 19. Email for info!